"Together we want to create self-determined living and learning spaces in Maua Villa as well as for more and more people in Kenya. Characterized by partnership-based cooperation and the exchange of knowledge between all those involved, Pamoja Africa is the offspring for long-term social and ecological development."



We - the non-profit association Pamoja Africa e. V., founded in 2014 - support the children's home Maua Villa in the Kivingoni area (Kenya). Our mission is to operate and further develop the children's home, thereby providing a loving life and a hopeful perspective for the future to the needy children of the region.

In the past years we have already achieved a lot in Maua Villa. Thanks to our supporters we were able to finance a solar-powered well, build five houses, plant a permaculture garden and install a solar system for green electricity.

Our goal is for the children's home to become self-financing and self-developing in the long term. To make this possible, we are helping to build the infrastructure and train the staff so that they can manage the children's home sustainably in the future, independently of aid payments.

All persons involved in Pamoja Africa e. V. work on a voluntary basis. The running costs of the association are completely covered by the membership fees. Thus, all donations arrive 100% where they are needed.

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Our work is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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benefit directly from our work.

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on a permanent and temporary base.

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per day from our well for the inhabitants of Maua Villa and the village.

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by solar power since 2019.

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planted - including 350 papaya trees.


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Nothing works without our members. For only 20 € per year you support us and show your commitment to the project. The membership fees cover the running costs of the association (about 2.1% of the total donations). The surplus goes directly to Maua Villa. Thanks to our members we can proudly say that 100% of all donations go directly to the children's home Maua Villa.

Of course, if you wish, you are also welcome to take on a more active role in the association. We also invite you to our annual members meeting and to various catch-ups (online and in real life), where you can get deep insights into our work.

Are you in? Download the membership application and send it filled out to petra@pamoja-africa.org.

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Support the children's home Maua Villa now with your donation. 100% of your donation will benefit the children in Maua Villa. The running costs of the association are completely covered by the membership fees.


Our children's home Maua Villa

Since 2014 we have been building the children's home Maua Villa thanks to our sponsors and supporters. It is located in the rural village of Kivingoni (Machakos County, Kenya). Most families here live on less than 2€ a day. This makes feeding the children and financing school fees almost impossible.

In Maua Villa we give needy children from difficult family backgrounds a loving home. "Maua" is Swahili and means "flourishing". Our goal is to prepare the children for a self-determined life and to give them a hopeful perspective for the future. We want them to grow up into responsible personalities and to become people who have an interest in leaving the world a little better than they found it.

Since 2018, we have been running a permaculture garden around Maua Villa, which is the centerpiece to ensure the self-sufficiency of our children's home. We share the knowledge we have gathered with the surrounding villages so that more and more people can benefit from our experience.

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Currently we are collecting donations to enable the construction of a community house.

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If you want to make sure that your donation reaches the children’s home in full, you should donate by bank transfer. For all other payment methods, your donation we will have to pay transaction costs reaching from 0,25€ to 0,35€ + 1,5% to 3,2%.
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Every amount helps and we guarantee that every euro goes exactly where it is needed.
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